About Us


Segoale Properties was established in 1996 and is registered with The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB). The company focuses mainly on properties in Tshwane.

The business has been a training ground for a number of estate agents who have become successful in their own right and today trade for their own account.

The founder, Segoale Mojapelo, enjoys a solid professional relationship with the financial institutions, conveyances, property developers and other players in the property industry. She is known and respected by colleagues, competitors and industry bodies such as The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) for her professionalism and motivating role introducing previously excluded groups to the property sector.


To be one of the world-class service providers in construction and building material supplier that is responsive to and surpasses its customer’s expectations.


To build and supply products of high quality standards that at are compliant with prescribed legislative laws and regulation.


1. Honest and Trustworthy

2. Reliable and Transparent

3. Accountable and Responsible

4. Respect

5. Integrity

6. Communication

7. Excellence in service delivery


    Identifying new business and market opportunities for clients
    Evaluating potential sales and securing sole mandates
    Designing all advertising material for inclusion in the various property publications
    Advising potential buyers on suitability of available properties in terms of their specific needs and budget parameters
    Where necessary mediating between the buyer and seller in establishing a price acceptable to all parties
    Liaising with the seller’s attorney in executing transfer
    Marketing and selling of properties in deceased estates
    Maintaining ongoing contacts with clients, transferring attorneys and third parties, if necessary, during the transfer period up to registration
    Educating first time buyers
    Advising and assisting homeowners who find themselves in a potential sale-in-execution situation


    Manages and maintains properties on behalf of landlords
    Manages student accommodation and commercial property
    General maintenance of buildings


    Training of Estate agents


    Accommodation & Hospitality


    Supply general goods
    Safety clothes and equipment
    Dry grocery, vegetables and fruits
    Office and home furniture
    Cleaning materials


Segoale Mojapelo is an expert in the business of selling as an ardent student obtaining several degrees and diplomas. Degrees include Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education; Diplomas include Pedagogies, Physical Education and Auctioneering. She taught Physical Education and Geography at secondary and tertiary levels for 16 years. From 1994 onward, she became involved in properties, marketing & selling and construction.

Segoale believes that accountability and responsibility are the two main criteria for running a successful business. As part of her social responsibility, Segoale counsels and advises homeowners who have defaulted on payments and are in danger of losing their homes. This commitment as well as her impeccable sense of integrity has earned her respect from various financial institutions, colleagues, competitors and the property industry in general.